Women Entrepreneurs

Just read an article about women entrepreneurs I have taken many years of workshopson entrepreneurs and studied some of top billionaire Entrepreneurs for years.

Today my son said mom you will be like a woman Donald Trump Your Fired I have been known to say that on occasion!

As women I think we can really be open and learn from men to become a entrepreneur.We can also learn from each other and encourage and give hope I think any entrepreneurs have to be very tough and strong as most end up going under in the first year. I know I have not even open up shop and it has been a year of growth and many learning curves. Yet I have found that this is a passion project I have nurtured like my baby watering it tending to it and letting grow.It takes time to build a firm foundation solid as a rock leaving no stone unturned.This is not for the faint hearted person as it a tough time.

You have to keep moving fastly forward and never once stop and look back keep skyrocketing forward and never give up.


Uniting Communities With Authenticity

Today The Bank of Novia Scotia said something to me a Bank I trust and have dealt with since I was young.

I commented about how I was so happy that they supported Hockey in Communities.

I was so grateful as that was always a dream of my sons and do many young people playing hockey in Canada.

They said that sure does unite communities. For years as my brother grew up he would play hockey and we formed strong friendships . Plus they would have shiny at boxing day and enjoy some food a cocoa.

Then my son he played hockey and that again was our life we sat at the rinks for hours talking with many parents supporting our players.

Even high school sports again we went and support the kids .

It was a form of unity of many for the sake of sports.

I continued to walk down the alley and look at that fence and me on one side the I think of the sports the community and bring everyone together then I think of Authenticity and community and unity now that is something must figure out?

Looking For A Fresh Start

People may not agree with me yet I have very very deep deep roots with Canada.Although I have these roots with Canada I have deeply learned so much so from many different types of people and mentors around the world.

My roots are Canadian yet my journey and my heritage is an eclectic mix of combinations.

Years back I wrote something that I still believe in striving towards I guess kinda like breaking the barriers of the norm and skyrocketing a new trail

In speakers corner here in Regina and at the City Hall we have these very prominent people from other places in the world.They truly made an impact on Regina.

As I know and have painted paintings for major people that have impacted my life.

Library Life of It’s On

It is almost like everyday I want to go to the Community Libraries they take on this life of there own.

So number one Library has this book and I read the insert and then I put it back in the Library.

Number two Library has a brochure of Stone Hall Castle.

We take the brochure and sitting thinking of the book I walk back to number 1 library and I pick up the book that intrigued me before.

The author is Patrick DeWitt the book called Under Major Domo Minor.He is a Canadian Author and Screenwriter.

Why did this book get me so I guess the storyline of a woman in this town is odd and has hardly any friends and is loveless. I began to think of me Yet I am not a lier like her Anyways there is this castle that has many dark secrets mystery and its a book of love, home,finding one’s place in the world.

As I walked back from the library I saw a woman she said aren’t  these great I said they sure do take a life of their own and told her about the gift I found in one the other day.

Or then there is the character of Klara she is  delecate and has the love of a Baron and a Soldier.

I began to think  of Stone Hall Castle and then this book and thought the two would be in the making of a good movie!

Be Authentic Not Perfect

“Live from the heart of yourself seek to be whole not perfect.”


For years I seeked perfection my Nan would tell me Lori Perfection is the theif of time yet it can be procrastination too!

I looked for everthing to be perfect my life yet something deep within me told me stop and this when I started to seek Authenticity to live a more whole rich life of being me and being accepted for who I was years went by I tried to do that yet discoverd to live a whole life I had to love and accept me for who I was.

My vision to live an Authentically whole life is not exactly where I am right at this stage in my life.

Yet I will continue to move forward towards this vision not seeing it as a perfect vision as there are curves and peaks and valleys yet living a life that you strive to be Authentically Whole is a journey of your heart and soul.


If you look for love this is so much more different than finding love.

Look vs find

A woman you see is attactive you look At a man you see he is attactive you look you want you desire.This is more of a lust look kinda relationship.

You find by chance you meet synchronicity leeds you to find this person this relationship to me would be a find not a look.

So you can look or you can find yet some just look and never find love.

Mortal Love

” All love that is dependent upon a thing when that thing is nullified so is the love.When love is not dependent upon a thing then it lasts forever.Which is love that is dependent upon a thing,this is the love Amnon and Tamar,And that which is not dependent upon a thing is the love of  David and Jonathan.

-Pirkei Avot 5:19

Many people real do not understand the real meaning around love it is based on attractions.

Yet if a love is based on being dependent on it will not last.Rather if a love is based on not being dependent on one another it was made to last is this then a mortal relationship between to and if so is this truly true love I would like to know?

Legend of the Pear of Love

Faraway in the mountains in Viya in ancient Nona if anyone found this they possesed imortal love.

Although the sparkling gem was cursed if someone possesed it.

A young lover possesed it and thought it would bring him joy yet he was doomed and lay dieing the young girl never gave up as she lay by her lovers side.

The Gods were moved by her purity as she clung by his side.

The Gods of Eros new this was pure love so they took a pearl mussel to protect them .Year after year the pearl cared for them and they broke the shakels of evil.

The pendent with the diamonds celebrated their testamony of immortal love.

I guess I never possed this necklace it just so happened I found it so I will recieve immortal love hmm everlasting love gotta love that!

Pearl of Love

Today my Mom thought we would discover the mysteries of our small community Libraries.

My new lease on life is to fill my life surrounding uplifting and positive view towards success and as I looked in the Libraries I found many books to surround me on a successful life .

Then I found some Prairie Wildlife bird books we love nature.

Then in one I found a gift a tiny necklace called the Love Pearl a necklace to make a wish plus it says you will have good health ,Happiness, Love,Wisdom,Wealth.

I was eager to make my wish I closed my eyes and discibed my wish and then I had troubles trying to figure how to get the pearl inside the necklace.

My daughter helped me I said to her we have to get the pearl inside or my wish will not come true. She was not as hopeful as I was I kinda am this optimistic woman that knows that all will come together even through the toughest hardship we are in.

On the back of the heart it says my wish will come true!

The pearl of love has granted my wish whoever put that gift of thoughtfulness in that little library is a mystery to me yet it was synchronicity and the universe that that moment at that time I received my gift from the heart from an unknown stranger.

Canadian Documentaries

Today I am researching David Suzuki and he founded the brilliant and very successful programming that was a success world wide called The Nature of Things.

Each week They created an influential program filled that presented many stories that surronded the understanding of the world of sciencetific programs that came alive and engaged many people world wide.

He is a very inspiring man !