What Would You Do?

I am an avid reader and yesterday I read this question to do to yourself or when interviewing others.

It asked if you and your family were well provided for and did not have to worrry as you had the best health care and top quality food and were able to pay all your bills plus even more to do what you wanted.in life what would you do?

My mom said she would take a coarse in Arizona then there is a coarse that we would do in Vancouver on Ayurveda go to a week Ayurveda Center  called Raj.

I would like to take my children on a yearly holiday to make up for all the yearswe never did.

Then I would like to do something that I truly wanted to be doing for a long time get Mentors that would help me grow one one mentors to work with me to develop what I have been working on for years yet  I need these one on one mentors to develop this plus coaching too.

Wow factor just reading another book and he talks about presentation and the Wow Factor that is another area that I have to develop is the presentation and to developing a Wow factor when creating Authenticity so that we can serve Authenticity on a silver platter with a white glove treatment. Creating pazaz!

They say that to master as a pro level in professional levels they practice with coaches singers have voice coaching dancers have dance instructiors Painters have Art critics and instruction.Writers have consulting to develop their genre .Speakers have coaches.When you are in TV you have a team of people to developing the best quality products for TV.

You want a team of top quality people to developing this that can critic yet be knowledgeable and fair and move you forward not a team of people that are negatives energy.

Authenticity Talks or Authenticity TV has been formulating for over a decade development of this and I know some of the people who I want to work with to do so to make this a great programming for our viewers.

So what would I do I would live and truly do what I have a passon for and have wanted to do all my life?
Get ready for my own TV program that is Authenticity Talks or Authenticity TV and have a studio pick it up so we can develop it!


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