Becoming The Right Person

Today I watched a powerful video of Depak Chopra he talked about it is how we become the right person he said if you are two different wave lengths you attract certain frequency of people.

I woke up the other day could hardly walk. I found out I had gout.

I knew again this was life trying to teach me something as I was just racing around trying to help others.

Health and your wellness is so important we get so busy in life with family work and play and we just forget about our bodies and our brain health.

I looked up Ayurveda and natural oils and Ayurveda talked about diet too was essentially something that you must become resourceful with.

They talk of maintaining a healthy diet and maintain a good body weight drinking lots of water flushing out your system.

I sure know for me to be that right type of person it truly is about the diet ,healthy weight, optimal healthy life style plus the most Authentic living.




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