Women Entrepreneurs

Just read an article about women entrepreneurs I have taken many years of workshopson entrepreneurs and studied some of top billionaire Entrepreneurs for years.

Today my son said mom you will be like a woman Donald Trump Your Fired I have been known to say that on occasion!

As women I think we can really be open and learn from men to become a entrepreneur.We can also learn from each other and encourage and give hope I think any entrepreneurs have to be very tough and strong as most end up going under in the first year. I know I have not even open up shop and it has been a year of growth and many learning curves. Yet I have found that this is a passion project I have nurtured like my baby watering it tending to it and letting grow.It takes time to build a firm foundation solid as a rock leaving no stone unturned.This is not for the faint hearted person as it a tough time.

You have to keep moving fastly forward and never once stop and look back keep skyrocketing forward and never give up.


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