Uniting Communities With Authenticity

Today The Bank of Novia Scotia said something to me a Bank I trust and have dealt with since I was young.

I commented about how I was so happy that they supported Hockey in Communities.

I was so grateful as that was always a dream of my sons and do many young people playing hockey in Canada.

They said that sure does unite communities. For years as my brother grew up he would play hockey and we formed strong friendships . Plus they would have shiny at boxing day and enjoy some food a cocoa.

Then my son he played hockey and that again was our life we sat at the rinks for hours talking with many parents supporting our players.

Even high school sports again we went and support the kids .

It was a form of unity of many for the sake of sports.

I continued to walk down the alley and look at that fence and me on one side the I think of the sports the community and bring everyone together then I think of Authenticity and community and unity now that is something must figure out?


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