Pearl of Love

Today my Mom thought we would discover the mysteries of our small community Libraries.

My new lease on life is to fill my life surrounding uplifting and positive view towards success and as I looked in the Libraries I found many books to surround me on a successful life .

Then I found some Prairie Wildlife bird books we love nature.

Then in one I found a gift a tiny necklace called the Love Pearl a necklace to make a wish plus it says you will have good health ,Happiness, Love,Wisdom,Wealth.

I was eager to make my wish I closed my eyes and discibed my wish and then I had troubles trying to figure how to get the pearl inside the necklace.

My daughter helped me I said to her we have to get the pearl inside or my wish will not come true. She was not as hopeful as I was I kinda am this optimistic woman that knows that all will come together even through the toughest hardship we are in.

On the back of the heart it says my wish will come true!

The pearl of love has granted my wish whoever put that gift of thoughtfulness in that little library is a mystery to me yet it was synchronicity and the universe that that moment at that time I received my gift from the heart from an unknown stranger.


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