Library Life of It’s On

It is almost like everyday I want to go to the Community Libraries they take on this life of there own.

So number one Library has this book and I read the insert and then I put it back in the Library.

Number two Library has a brochure of Stone Hall Castle.

We take the brochure and sitting thinking of the book I walk back to number 1 library and I pick up the book that intrigued me before.

The author is Patrick DeWitt the book called Under Major Domo Minor.He is a Canadian Author and Screenwriter.

Why did this book get me so I guess the storyline of a woman in this town is odd and has hardly any friends and is loveless. I began to think of me Yet I am not a lier like her Anyways there is this castle that has many dark secrets mystery and its a book of love, home,finding one’s place in the world.

As I walked back from the library I saw a woman she said aren’t  these great I said they sure do take a life of their own and told her about the gift I found in one the other day.

Or then there is the character of Klara she is  delecate and has the love of a Baron and a Soldier.

I began to think  of Stone Hall Castle and then this book and thought the two would be in the making of a good movie!


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