Legend of the Pear of Love

Faraway in the mountains in Viya in ancient Nona if anyone found this they possesed imortal love.

Although the sparkling gem was cursed if someone possesed it.

A young lover possesed it and thought it would bring him joy yet he was doomed and lay dieing the young girl never gave up as she lay by her lovers side.

The Gods were moved by her purity as she clung by his side.

The Gods of Eros new this was pure love so they took a pearl mussel to protect them .Year after year the pearl cared for them and they broke the shakels of evil.

The pendent with the diamonds celebrated their testamony of immortal love.

I guess I never possed this necklace it just so happened I found it so I will recieve immortal love hmm everlasting love gotta love that!


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