Be Authentic Not Perfect

“Live from the heart of yourself seek to be whole not perfect.”


For years I seeked perfection my Nan would tell me Lori Perfection is the theif of time yet it can be procrastination too!

I looked for everthing to be perfect my life yet something deep within me told me stop and this when I started to seek Authenticity to live a more whole rich life of being me and being accepted for who I was years went by I tried to do that yet discoverd to live a whole life I had to love and accept me for who I was.

My vision to live an Authentically whole life is not exactly where I am right at this stage in my life.

Yet I will continue to move forward towards this vision not seeing it as a perfect vision as there are curves and peaks and valleys yet living a life that you strive to be Authentically Whole is a journey of your heart and soul.


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