Trust & Respect

Yesterday I was at the mall coming down the steps and two RCMP officers stopped in their tracks and then moved on .

Security was at the door .Outside the media were taking interviews.

As I read and from my experience with letters to the Royals , Prime Minister, Premier, Movie Stars Billionaires or in the Health District.Army Personal from Learning from the Fedral Government about strict proceedures and confidentiality.

As I read Peter Newman and he talks about an interview with Pierre Trudeau and something he never forgot was that he joked he would find out about every leak their was in the cabinet. Trudeau hardened and said that was against the Privy Council oath of Secrecy.

To me to do an interview is about to gain trust confidence and also be very cautious of confidential matters.

A while back a reporter did an interview with me and he told me I was a natural in frount of the camera. Yet one thing I will never forget to this day is he gained my trust and confidence in some very touchy matters.Which when I look at the interview he did he displayed me as being confident and at one point I did get nervous and he edited this.That to me is an act of kindness and respect when telling stories to the public.

I guess for me to tell Authentic stories is to do this with an unbiased opinions and also respect and much dignity for the person who I am interviewing.Making them feel comfortable at ease.I am not the type to do an interview when we are standing

When I host Authenticity it is about comfort respect dignity of the person I am interviewing and serving Authenticity on a silver platter with the white glove treatment to viewers.



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