Where To Begin?

Today I found a cheque payable to New Creation years back I wrote I had no idea how this cheque got into this book and who had my book which is just so odd to me!

Yet new creation is new life.I have been getting so many offers to apply for jobs in Toronto.

Yet my thoughts are my family and my past life journey if I was to take a position in Toronto I would want to make sure my family was safe and were able to have our home. As they all together just barely make enough to get by.

Then if I go to Toronto I would want to walk to work right down town yet I how do MP live in Ottawa and have and maintained their home in Regina.

As Regina is home and will always be.

Yet if I got an offer of a life time I would prefer to stay here.

I know it would be a very good opportunity to meet with some prestigious peoples yet we have many here too and so many Authentic people to interview.

I know a perfect place to host a program I think it belongs to CBC and the Government in the studio on college and Broad.I have been on two tours of this studio.If I had my way that’s where I would be.I really don’t want to go to Toronto I sure Don’t want to live in LA.

How does one open doors to the studio I know is meant just for me to tell Authentic stories of real people as know one can serve Authenticity like me?



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