Lady & A Gentleman

I was married for years to a professional football player. We had two lovely lovely children that are now grown adults.

Throughout our relationship I we had many stormy battles .We both were to very head strong individuals. Yet he cooked me these wonderful meals and I loved his family dearly.

Due to our circumstances I left with the children it was a rocky divorce he made me stronger than I ever could be.

Yet the years went by and I new for the childrens sake and we must communicate.When we saw each other we would talk about family.

When I first met him I was intrigued with his strength and supreme utter confidence in himself.He taught me so much About strength.

Years have gone by and I have dedicated my life to raising our children.

I have never taken the time to date or really go out with another man.

Yet I have very high standards as I have learned so much about many relationships over the years so many broken down ones yet a time for discover and growing if not you reenter another turbulant one.

You know I would not go back just the other day I said to a friend I was going to LA to see a friend. Yet my life change and I met my ex husband. I said who know what my life would be like today if I did not meet my husband maybe I would have married a famous movie star.

Yet I am glad I meet him we had our children plus I met a very strong man that has given lessons in life where I am going now.

I am on the path of meeting a gentleman someone that is no other like I have met a relationship that is truly Authentically Brilliant.Not sure when this will take place yet I know he will come my way on just the right day!


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