Giving Authenticity

Today I read something Tony Robbins said he said Hint: It is not who you want to be but what you want to give.


I began to think of Authenticity and have working years years on mastery of Authenticity I contiune to ask how best can I be Authentically original.

Yet today when I read this I began to think my thought process must change and as I walk the alley ways I look at the fence I See me on one side and how do I capture people best with Authenticity.

Hey it’s not all about me my path its about best giving this to viewers

When I talked to Wilf Perreault he talked about how no one can do what I do or no one can do what I do that is what makes people so Authentic .

That is it giving the gift of Authenticity through people’s stories.No one can ever capture the arts of Authenticity as I nor can I of anyone.That is the true gift we all haveand should be proud to be unique and Authentically Brilliant.

To tell you the truth this is the making of a beautiful concept that would really capture the heart the souls of many many viewers.


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