Authenticity Talks

For over 15 years I have been working tirelessly towards Authenticity. Working towards how best to serve the public Authenticity on a silver platter with a white glove treatment.

Just the other day as I watched a host interviewing some high degntary I thought of what I can learn from watch this the degntary looked very uncomfortable sitting in the chair.I knew to serve people I have been taught by one of Saskatchewan finest interior designes to use lighting and make people feel welcome and warm within the surrounding.

When people face the camera many get the case of the nerves yet to make them feel differently to me the interview would be alot different I think .

For me it would truly be about the force about working on all sides to best bring Authenticity Talks with a fine collaborative team.

This process is and has been a passion project that has been piling and I have planted the seeds of Authenticity and tending them nurturing them to continue to watch how they have been growing slowly they have matured and developed it is just a matter of time before we get the right people and the green light to give it the go ahead!


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