Art Towards Success

I got an email from Bob Proctor today he was talking about his new book The Art of Living it comes out December 29th.

He then talks about how success should not be like you are on some pedestal it is about  being fulfillment and to be happy in life that is what being successful is.

Each day I ask to receivethe gifts of Authenticity so I can live a successful healthier well more fulfilled life and truly be happy.

I truly think it how we reshape our thought our thinking patterns and our energy.

I have this painting I did called Menopause and Loving It

In the painting it was as though I had my mouth open and my body was on fire.Women go through women issues and that’s how I was feeling at the time my body was on fire within raging.I was so confused an uncertain of this and my woman issues so I painted it even though I was not really loving my issues at the time.

I read an article by Christiane Northrop about your thoughts and saying how you  feel ex my body is on fire right now.

Also to tell your body how much you love it unconditionally despite the flare of fire in my pelvic area.

That began my process of what Bob was saying about the Art of Living and my title Art Towards Success.

Just think of the book Christian wrote about The Wisdom of Menopause we need to be educated and our whole thoughts must be changed so we do not feel like our body is on fire.

Why am I linking arts and Menopause and success together?  Because I think truly that if we change our story we change our life we change our Art we change our perspective on our thoughts to become healthier happier and truly can embrace the menopause years.

Plus I truly think that all cultures have different ways of healing and living a successful life as women in these years and it is the wisdom of being healthy and having Dr. that you can work with truly both be successful together in your partnership to the best health care plan for your needs.

Some how I have to now paint a new painting creating a new perspective of wellbeing through menopause.


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