Health Care Wait Time

When you have health issues and concerns that you want to be dealt with yet as a patient the wait times can be long.

I can see the other side of the table as Dr.  and Nurses are over worked.

Yet sometimes when you sit and wait this is what is needed for you at that time.

Well I waited I saw  signs up Concussion are a part of a brain injury don’t be so tough and look into this as your health matter. I think of so many contact sports have major injuries yet there in the office this is a sign they care.

Another sign Yoga for Grief. A good outlet to take your grief and use a yoga practice.

People of all cultures came in and out and waited in the office yes along wait yet sometimes we need to wait in life.

Again I sat in the Dr. office and as I waited again this beautiful beautiful aroma filled the room I did not no what the aroma was Yet the cheery Dr. came in and said oh you have a lovely perfume of rose pedals. I told him it was the room .

We  talked about what I was concerned about and he said he would send me to have a ultra sound yet both him and the nurse said it was a long wait not till March she said.

She told me if you were persistant and yelled and were the loudest voice most times that would get you in faster.

Yet the Dr. said if you needed to you could go to the Emergency and again wait and get in quickly and avoid the wait if it was to much discomfort.

I told both of them I would think about it and the Dr. Said the was alot of time to think. I told the Nurse I was not the type to yell the loudest to push my way in the medical system.

I walked out of that office thinking I will wait and some times you need to wait yet what if waiting is the wrong approach and you truly have major health concerns and they need to be addressed!

I think of waiting and you have to come up with a strategy like playing pro ball hockey you think of all the major complex systems like groceries and FedEx  UPS Canada Post people are waiting for packages people want to see a hockey or football game yet they want their team to win. So you huddle together and come up with a plan a concept a strategy to best met the system the Dr. Nurses Staff and the Patient . It is very complex system yet when you sit and wait and take in rose peddles it’s  a system that can work and be better off without waiting especially if you really need health care.


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