Cultures Incorporating Health & Wellbeing

For years I have been on a study of healing towards a better wellbeing for my family and me.

Yet all my studies have always lead me to believe with an Authenticity Eclectic of a combinations of Cultures and Faiths and Arts and Business and politics health and wellness that we can not move forward in taking a look at using the old ancients wise ways and bring them into the world of modern science and medicine. Combinging this with top professional and bringing in ancient ways to create a better wellbeing.

Years back I read this book of this Aboriginal woman who lived off the lands and used the ways her family had passed down to her. Yet she new something was missing the modern day ways and beliefs to so she went to university and studied medicine and came back to her people teaching them about the modern day medicine along with her cultures medicine.

Years back in the hospital I went to the chapel and wrote on the prayer book sat in the chapel to pray . They had a carpet of some faith to pray I kneeled and prayed. I walked and looked at a painting of Wilf Perreault called Hope and I prayed. I painted and prayed and I wrote and prayed. I also asked my Dr if I could go to the Aboriginal sacred area to pray and talk to them . My Dr. put in a request for me. Yet they wrote back that when I was well they would talk to me.I honour people with all cultures and faiths and all people so I knew that this was not the time.

I believe that we must not force our ways through the world.As people and things will just  come your way when the time is right.


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