The Empty Chest

The other day we got this locked chest and brought it home .Thinking it could be my sons hope chest he worked hard to unlock and broke the lock.

I was eager to see if there were any treasures hidden within the chest as anything could help.

Yet nothing was in the chest it was empty.

I said to my son fill it with hope.

He said no Mom!

I love hope chests you fill them with hope and things gifts and things to anew beginning of life and hope.I really wanted so much hope for him and my daughter a betterquality of life here than what we were living.

Years back I found an old hope chest when I had become homeless I did some arts things and hoped that on the lawn hope would some how fill my chest.

I walked dragged that chest to a new area again hoping for hope I kinda was a woman with a mission for hope to some how fill my chest kinda with gold I thought!

So as I think I hope much hope will fill our lives the chest is open yet remains empty I am a dreamer filled with Saskatchewan dreams filled with much hope for her family.

I am filled with uncertain thoughts of how to fill a chest filled with hope yet I guess I will have to ask the alleyways another walk another day?


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