Spider Weaving Reality

When I walked today I asked to lead me best down the road of Authenticity I saw a container with a spider web.

A sign that it was time to rebuild my life’s web.

On our tour of the little libraries in our community. We came across things I think about as people have dreams of becoming this person moving away to fulfill their dreams.

Yet as I think of the web of reality that the web of life the bright lights the magazines the glitz glamorous life.

Yet I think of how hard tough I have been working tirelessly here to become who I want to be.

I think if you go somewhere else how much more it would be to break in.

As I walked down many alleys I saw Canadian flags a canoe just sitting in the back drive way.

I thought to myself how trusting Canadian people are how often can you go down a alley feel safe and see people’s canoes or belongings and know that they are safe there?

I found a book about enjoying wildlife in Saskatchewan of our sacred grasslands.

A book about fashion and a note to a love one wishing them luck.Yet I think about Saskatchewan and our cultures faiths and Eclectic mix of ways people use their fashion statements.

Saskatchewan fashion and their cultural heritage are vibrant and walking the runway on our streets each and everyday.This is real and I am sure there are stories behind their own Authenticity Fashion Statements.Love to interview and tell these stories too!


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