The Mytery Alley

As I talked to Wilf Perreault today he talked about how quiet the alley was a place were really know one walked.

I began to think of what he said and went for a walk trying to think what ever intrigued me so about coming down these Alleys all by myself ever since I was young .

I knew I dreamed in these alley ways and now I walk quietly to be inspired and just be within nature peacefully with out anyone around.

Today as I walked I saw an egg carton not sure what this symbolized or what mytery its message was trying to say to me?

Then I found Scotiabank campanions booklet in it talks about how each person is unique and that is how they allow people to set up their banking needs.

Ever since I was little my grandfather opened an account on Winnipeg and Victoria yet the bank is no longer there yet I love going in and talking and doing face to face banking . It is kimda old fashioned yet it is so personable.

When I got home from my walk in the alley I searched up what this egg carton was trying to tell me.

I found out that it is the beginning of life of ancient cultures and stories a symbol of rebirth the cycle of life as every culture uses eggs in their customs differently.

The mystery alley was trying to say begin telling stories of cultures and customs differently and in a unique way. Now I just have to find out how to do this and create programing for this?


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