Today I went over to our local CBC Saskatchewan for an Open House .

The place was filled with comfort & joy Artist Wilf Perreault was there working on his Back Alley paintings. I got a chance to talk to him as he always inspires me as I have this fond fascination of the alleys.  I asked him why he decided to paint them he said they were unique and no one was doing them at the time.He said it is just like writing no one can write like you.

Then he looked at the children playing and they were just having fun with the art and balloons .He wished me luck and we wished each other a Merry Christmas.

We were lead on a tour of the building a small group works within the building . The young teenagers were having fun doing the weather and got behind the news cast. It was not as easy as it looks the guides said .

When we went into the rooms were the directors direct I found out it was a very high pressure intense times within this room as if something did not work they had to switch it to another story. They sure do have to be on the ball and  direct professionally to make sure the news weather is done right.

Along the tour I found out they had an extensive works of original Authentic art work.

We were brought into all the studios from the news and weather to the radio.

Then to the behind the scenes were the reporters work and producers too.

They were having a competion of who could create and decorate the best Christmas work station.

All through the tour I found out that they all really had to work hard as a team of professionals to create amazing unique News and Radio for our people.

What a wonderful sense of Comfort and Joy they created today and they are giving back to the community.

If you get a chance go by or donate to the CBC it sure does a world of good and touches many lives.


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