Canadian Geese of Nobility


Today my Mom and I went to some Art shows and I talked with some Artists and then ran into a woman I knew from my sons hockey we sat down to talk and then continue to look at the paitings .The other show had a band playing well we looked at the Art.

It was so nice to see such talented people have their shows .Every time I go see art the Artist continue to inspire me.

I have not created a work of art or worked on a project yet today I thought I would create this art and blog about Canadian Geese of Nobility.

Nobility is a social class that has privileges or eminence in the society.

Our people our Geese and Canada is a unique nation .The Geese are truly noble and dedicated geese they have pride in our nation and travel miles in flocks and if one is struggling behind they encourage that goose.

The geese like the people of our nation are truly noble and proud of our country dedicated like the geese.

Each year they fly south yet ever year they return dedicated to coming back to our nation.As this is their home their roots.

The nobility of Canada the nobility of our Canadian Geese is what continues to make our country so strong.



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