Today I walked to the store to get a paper and the side walk that I walk on was slippery with ice.So on my way back I crossed the street which I never do I always walk on a certain side .Yet today I walked across the street and there was a sign outside the building.

The sign said Toast Masters Guests welcome If I had not walked across the streetI would have never have seen the sign.

I walked into the building and asked the woman if I could come and listen .She said it was just ending yet she welcomed me.

This group is a distiguished group of people. After the meeting concluded I talked with the woman that welcomed me for a bit she gave me some sheets telling me about the meetings and she said she hoped I would return to the next meeting next week.

Years back I had wanted to join yet it just did not work out with my life at that time .My grandfather was a member of Dale Carnegie they worked on public speaking too.

On my sheet the heading for the next meeting is How To Make Meetings Productive and Useful : Some of my Thoughts:


Changing the approach of how you conduct a meeting can make it very productive and shake things up a little.

Instead of a lecture create it into an interactive animated discussion.

Being on time is essential for all kinds of meetings.

State goals what you will accomplish in the meeting.

Keep gathering small then  if you have a goal accomplish andfinish it at a certain time.

Everyone Takes Part.

Take it outside go for a walk keep it moving approach .

Those are only a few of the ideas for creating a productive meetings you have to be crative too and change the tone of the meetings those are some thoughts I can think of.


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