Partnership for Prosperity

Today in my book called Celebrating Saskatchewan it takes about Partneship for prosperity.

So I went on a journey I first went to our local library to try to get it as I could not track it at home.Yet it was compacted as I need more information. The only way I could get more information was to go to the Legislature Library.

I walked up the red carpet of this grand structure and in the rotunda was a massive Christmas Tree it was stunning.

I walked in to the Library and the Library is filled with beautifu oakl wood work a  fire place and big bright windows.I said to the woman what an inspiration and the place took my breath away.

She helped me find what I needed yet I truly wanted to spend more time there a good place to write and get inspired.

When I came home I got this notification about more information that I was not aware of as it seems like so many doors are opening.

I was directed to a site called FCAA then from there found kits to be informed regarding film in Saskatchewan and there is a Film and Video act that you have to comply with and be approved along with a fee for each title .

Thinking back a year ago I did or was not ready for these doors to open.As Partners towards Prosperity only comes and the doors only open when you are truly ready.


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