Champion’s Journey

Today I got an email from Petro Canada about a remarkably incredible man Benoit Huot he is a Canadian Paralympic swimmer.

They are asking for donations to keep the dream alive for children with all abilities and that they have the opportunity to participate in sports.

It all begins with a dream as to begin a champions journey it is filled with dreams and lots of perseverence in your life.

  1. Yet to begin this journey you have to have the right people on your team the trainers coaches whatever it takes to get you there this is not solitude journey a journey made for champions is made up of top notch people there to support and get the champion ready for peak performance.
  2. Commitment Drive Willpower Perseverence you gotta have these all with Dedication and Passion to keep the journey alive.
  3. Wardrobe Hair Makeup with out these Champions can not be a strong leader as appearance is a must.
  4. Time to Master Skills you have to be determined dedicated each day to work tirelessly to emerge within and get the results.
  5. Practice only makes you perfect to become and to lead you to the Champions Journey.
  6. Set the stage on fire when you work hard the results are there now you gotta go for it and whatever journey your dream leads you to you have to break free and Set the Stage on Fire and reap your hard earned work.

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