Celebrating Saskatchewan

I walk and when I walk many of my ideas are formed from my walks.

Just recently I have shut one door and today a new chapter opened when I walked across the street and there on the street was this beat up book tire marks and mud was on it.

To most people they would have never picked it up yet I saw the bar code Library I had to return it.

When I walked it was almost like this was left there just for me whoever dropped off left it on the road I say they gave me the best Christmas gift in my life.Yeah a book a beat up old weather tire droven book. I took it back and wanted to take it out when to my sudden shock she said they would have sent it to the trash. It’s your to keep she put a black marker through the bar code.

Then right then I new I had discovered my true calling I held it in my hand today. Went to the Government building was wisked up to a very nice lady and sat with a fine  gentleman talking about.

Yet on the book it had some contacts and I wrote some more emails and the last one quickly replied keep in contact with that person she said thanks for telling us!

So I have this calling yet I think I am about to get a mentor to guide me through this process.

This would never have happened a year ago I was further from prepared or ready for this chapter.

Yet today I know that I am have strong strong roots ties to Saskatchewan and this is home.A legacy that I want to keep alive.



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