The Authenticity Way

Today in the mail I got an offer to join a very prestigious group the IMDbPro Hundreads of Actors join each day to try to break into the field.

I am yet not like many I wrote back to say how grateful I was and if the right people wanted me they sure knew how to find me!

As an Authenticity goes I am an artist an Artist with many disabilities. Today an outrage of one of Kylie Jenner being in a wheelchair was on the hot topic well I think so many vulnerable sensitive people do not have the voice yet each day they struggle with disabilities .I say have someone with disabilities get dressed feel sexy and put them on TV and then get real and talk about how much life is a challenge to them.I say how dare her do that I think she needs to think things out before she does things that are truly such a sensitive matter show some respect!I will say I do not agree that is even close to The Authenticity Way of life!


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