Hardship Is An Opportunity

Today I wrote many letters of hardship yet how can I learn from this how can I grow from this ?I love to write letters and I am an avid writer so what if I some how do talks called Authenticity Talks turning this into an opportunity as so many people want to know what to discover Authenticity .People crave Authenticity and this has been my journey my life for years.

When you appreciate the hardship that enters your life for what it is an opportunity.

-Chad Howes

Each day I appeciciate Authenticity each day yes I am living within hardship yet this hardship is preparing me getting me ready to towards what ever is coming my way.

I just got a call from the Globe and Mail I sure could do a colum there too Authenticity Talks.There is so many opportunities yet the right doors will open when the time is right.

If we think of our situation as a dead end this is where it will take you. Yet Hardship does not have to be a dead end alley way. Take a walk in one there is a endless supply of opportunities there just waiting for you to listen and become a successful.



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