Life Is A Gift

The other day I was coming from the store and a woman was walking with a gift. I could not help but see how happy she was she she had a little red bag and this cheery gift with yellow tissue coming from it.On the gift it had a message:


I was surely uncertain of what was inside that gift yet it really did not matter to me . As the lòok on that woman’s face told me she had gotten it and Life is a gift to her!

As each of us it is our goal to find what life gifts we have to offer the world.

So we can take those gifts slowly give them a meaning. As each of us has been born with this gift waiting patiently to discover it.

Today I challenge each and everyone to take the time to listen to your Authenticity deep within your hearts your unique you and ask yourself what gifts do you have that you can make an impact ?

If it is just one word take that and get a gift your gift and work and work on that gift each and every day.Look at it each day study it each day .That my friend is your life gift .

Life Is A Gift be that gift and gift the gift today!



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