Today I get this wonderful letter in the mail I read it with eyes poppping out !Your  Royalty no one has said that before your sovereign over the empires of potential within you. So I think he says that you have this potential within.

He goes on about the pain of my dreams have been shuttered and smothered. Critics have imprisoned your hero within.

Today is a miracle in it’s waiting as it is a gift.

This presents you with a blank canavas of breathtaking opportunity

To reclaim your Royalty that you have been born into to conquer lands.

There is a reason you are reading this today shed the shackeles of the past pain to rise to a new life.

Be a light for the future with your speaking behaving and producing.

One small step done in a single minute will be the beginning of a new  being.

You deserve this your highness your privlages of royal finest self. Make the leap.

I will watch your star blaze.

We applaud you and your bravery.

Robin Sharma

This is the first ever letters of a man a gentleman saying I deserve this your highness the royal finest self.

Just think if you have never gotten a letter a response saying that you really deserve what you dream about?

I always felt I wanted to serve the public on a silver platter with the white glove treatment he said the power is within.

I look up at a stunning painting I did of the Queen with the Twin Towers in the background. I call it Queen City Bliss. It’s surronding the gardens.

One step one leap of a breathtaking opportunity. Yet where do you step where do you leap and where is the opportunity?


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