For some reason this year I have been getting letters in the mail to different places I have used in the past

They are asking for donations.

Today I found a painting that my daughter did and it has a picture of an elf it says To Santa love elf.

At this time of year donations are essential as some people have not much to give.

So I think of Santa he takes the sleigh with the reindeer and gives the children gifts on December 25th. The elves work hard all year to prepare the gifts for all the boys and girls around the world.


It’s the time of giving and donations help.

Just think if there was no volunteer help or people that take the time to donate for people that are in need.

For years I have and my family have used places that need such donations .

If I could I surely would give the gifts back to places that have helped me in the past.As they truly make a world of difference in lives.

Each month I give a small donation to the homeless.


At this time of year I can not make any donations due to our circumstances in life.

Yet what I can do is this:

Dear Friends ,

At this time of year donations touch many people’s lives all around the world. They help feed nurture families.

If people are in hospital they help those in need.

The help animals at local shelters that where homeless giving them food and shelter and things they need till the find homes.

Donations help the homeless when they need food shelter a place to talk to be safe.

Libraries are a safe place to go and a place of life long education that is unlimited and free of charge to all.

There are thrift stores where people donate clothes so people can dress and look and feel successful. People donate there.

Dress For Success is there to help women be a success in the world.You can donate clothes there.

Open Doors are there for all the refugee and thank  goodness we have this service for them.

There are so many valuable places that are non profit for people with disabilities that is a place that could use funding and donations as it does so much like SSILC and EWD.These place make a difference in people’s lives.

So at this time of year I know it’s nice to be with your family .Yet I have personally used all these places and have benifited from them all.The  have all made a world of differnce in my and my family’s lives . So I thank you friends for giving these gifts as I for one truly believe they matter.

Thanks for all your Donations where ever you may donate at this time of year.

Dear Santa With love elf as my daughter wrote many years ago the gift of giving truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

Lori Ann Glier




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