Resourceful Towards Wellness And Authenticity

The other day I made a comment on a blog. Someone commented back then you must become resourceful. So I look this up and see it say you have the ability to find quick clever ways to overcome difficulties.

I sure do have the talent to do so I just get on the phone phone people talk to people and when it comes to living you make do with what you have.Being grateful for a water heat and a warm home your family. Plus your health.

Yet I see my heading how can I get the resources towards wellness for our family and live authentic lives?

I read an article about this woman she worked for a major magazine and papers . They paid her for her hotel ,clothing allowence ,food etc She traveled writing her articles mainly on food.

Yet wouldn’t be amazing to create daily articles on Wellness and Authenticity.

People in our world crave Authenticity to live this and be healthy and well.

That’s were my mission lies to get this out into the world so people can be resourceful in this area.

Yet I will need to find someone that would like articles like this in there paper or magazine.

Or better yet a whole TV series on it too.

I would call it Authenticity Talks!

Steps to wellness and Eclectic mix of interviews.


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