For years I have been on this quest of Authenticity a journey of a better quality of life for my family and me and a better way towards wellness.

Years back I tried to begin with a business I started to form to do events.Called Wellness4You the other day and for years I have continued to get a magazines to move forward hosting meetings events all in surronding my theme.

Again I took my path through the Authenticity process through the arts.

Then I began trying to formulate a company an Agency Productions Corporation Authenticity Agency Productions Corporation.

For two years I wanted to bring together an Agency and Productions Authentic Block Buster movies to our province a voice for many that do not have one.

Then again a failed company unintentionally had to shut the door.

Yet I see millions of views on my posts so I know what I have been working on is getting the hits.Yet somehow I have to do something Brighter Bolder Smarter.

Authenticity Eclectic is a mix of ingredients.We need to stir them and add the ingredients and cook them and tend to them lovingly.Just as our wellbeing and our investment into our families. Balancing it all and blending wellness and Authenticity to create simplicity within our lives is a must as life the world is so chaotic.

Authenticity and wellbeing is a journey I hope you will take this ride and come with me.


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