Ability To Succeed

Today I got a call from my local Virgin Mobile I have been talking to them regarding my payments.

To succeed in life and live well when a person has many disabilities is a very challenging at the most.


When I talk to people I ask questions and I try to get my answers.

Yet today I had all these phone numbers to contact you must contact this number yet the last call it was another number then I get all these balances that I am owing so again I kindly asked for a letter in the mail or a email. The reason I need this is the reason I ask for my kind of success in understanding numbers in a visual manner. If someone repeats numbers on the phone or says them or speIlls something to me.I Ask this to be in writing as this is how I can best process some of my basic needs in life.

Alot of people just do not relate as they simply think as it is secound nature to get a message on the phone with a number or recite numbers. Yet when I read or see these I can quickly understand this .

The ability to succeed in life when we have the ability to ask for help needs to be part of a process for many so they can truly be heard and understood to support and successful.




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