Life Is A Gift

The other day I was coming from the store and a woman was walking with a gift. I could not help but see how happy she was she she had a little red bag and this cheery gift with yellow tissue coming from it.On the gift it had a message:


I was surely uncertain of what was inside that gift yet it really did not matter to me . As the lòok on that woman’s face told me she had gotten it and Life is a gift to her!

As each of us it is our goal to find what life gifts we have to offer the world.

So we can take those gifts slowly give them a meaning. As each of us has been born with this gift waiting patiently to discover it.

Today I challenge each and everyone to take the time to listen to your Authenticity deep within your hearts your unique you and ask yourself what gifts do you have that you can make an impact ?

If it is just one word take that and get a gift your gift and work and work on that gift each and every day.Look at it each day study it each day .That my friend is your life gift .

Life Is A Gift be that gift and gift the gift today!



Automaticity = Authenticity

The result of learning repeating and practicing and delivering serving resources of world class mastery towards a beautiful work about Authenticity and well being.

“On my journal it says do great work be kind make it happen do what you love inspire be awesome. ”

Right now I am reading Some books on romance and the Arts , Art Studios and Kindness.

The love the romance of arts do good work create an environment that inspires you to create world class work and always be kind to all.

Practice and repeat deliver Authenticity and be resourceful to a better wellbeing through the love of the arts and Eclectic mix.Thriving to give you the best work .

It all begins with steps stages its like you are the vehicles for the best writer’s the best arts Authenticity surounds ecompass the arts mastering elite work towards Authenticity and arts and a better well being.

What does Authenticity Arts and Wellness look like and how can I best give you that with world class electic perspective.

If I can birth this stunning masterful resourceful works the world will reward me for this.

That is where Automaticity =Authenticity comes in handy I have to get busy learn . repeat. practice.

Then give you my gifts of world class mastery work towards Authenticity and a better life and wellbeing.



Today I get this wonderful letter in the mail I read it with eyes poppping out !Your  Royalty no one has said that before your sovereign over the empires of potential within you. So I think he says that you have this potential within.

He goes on about the pain of my dreams have been shuttered and smothered. Critics have imprisoned your hero within.

Today is a miracle in it’s waiting as it is a gift.

This presents you with a blank canavas of breathtaking opportunity

To reclaim your Royalty that you have been born into to conquer lands.

There is a reason you are reading this today shed the shackeles of the past pain to rise to a new life.

Be a light for the future with your speaking behaving and producing.

One small step done in a single minute will be the beginning of a new  being.

You deserve this your highness your privlages of royal finest self. Make the leap.

I will watch your star blaze.

We applaud you and your bravery.

Robin Sharma

This is the first ever letters of a man a gentleman saying I deserve this your highness the royal finest self.

Just think if you have never gotten a letter a response saying that you really deserve what you dream about?

I always felt I wanted to serve the public on a silver platter with the white glove treatment he said the power is within.

I look up at a stunning painting I did of the Queen with the Twin Towers in the background. I call it Queen City Bliss. It’s surronding the gardens.

One step one leap of a breathtaking opportunity. Yet where do you step where do you leap and where is the opportunity?


For some reason this year I have been getting letters in the mail to different places I have used in the past

They are asking for donations.

Today I found a painting that my daughter did and it has a picture of an elf it says To Santa love elf.

At this time of year donations are essential as some people have not much to give.

So I think of Santa he takes the sleigh with the reindeer and gives the children gifts on December 25th. The elves work hard all year to prepare the gifts for all the boys and girls around the world.


It’s the time of giving and donations help.

Just think if there was no volunteer help or people that take the time to donate for people that are in need.

For years I have and my family have used places that need such donations .

If I could I surely would give the gifts back to places that have helped me in the past.As they truly make a world of difference in lives.

Each month I give a small donation to the homeless.


At this time of year I can not make any donations due to our circumstances in life.

Yet what I can do is this:

Dear Friends ,

At this time of year donations touch many people’s lives all around the world. They help feed nurture families.

If people are in hospital they help those in need.

The help animals at local shelters that where homeless giving them food and shelter and things they need till the find homes.

Donations help the homeless when they need food shelter a place to talk to be safe.

Libraries are a safe place to go and a place of life long education that is unlimited and free of charge to all.

There are thrift stores where people donate clothes so people can dress and look and feel successful. People donate there.

Dress For Success is there to help women be a success in the world.You can donate clothes there.

Open Doors are there for all the refugee and thank  goodness we have this service for them.

There are so many valuable places that are non profit for people with disabilities that is a place that could use funding and donations as it does so much like SSILC and EWD.These place make a difference in people’s lives.

So at this time of year I know it’s nice to be with your family .Yet I have personally used all these places and have benifited from them all.The  have all made a world of differnce in my and my family’s lives . So I thank you friends for giving these gifts as I for one truly believe they matter.

Thanks for all your Donations where ever you may donate at this time of year.

Dear Santa With love elf as my daughter wrote many years ago the gift of giving truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

Lori Ann Glier



Resourceful Towards Wellness And Authenticity

The other day I made a comment on a blog. Someone commented back then you must become resourceful. So I look this up and see it say you have the ability to find quick clever ways to overcome difficulties.

I sure do have the talent to do so I just get on the phone phone people talk to people and when it comes to living you make do with what you have.Being grateful for a water heat and a warm home your family. Plus your health.

Yet I see my heading how can I get the resources towards wellness for our family and live authentic lives?

I read an article about this woman she worked for a major magazine and papers . They paid her for her hotel ,clothing allowence ,food etc She traveled writing her articles mainly on food.

Yet wouldn’t be amazing to create daily articles on Wellness and Authenticity.

People in our world crave Authenticity to live this and be healthy and well.

That’s were my mission lies to get this out into the world so people can be resourceful in this area.

Yet I will need to find someone that would like articles like this in there paper or magazine.

Or better yet a whole TV series on it too.

I would call it Authenticity Talks!

Steps to wellness and Eclectic mix of interviews.

Love and Unity

The other day I read an article about what the Queen was talking about and it was about unity.

I think of Authenticity is a way of life that has a love for all faiths beliefs disabilities genders. Would the world be a better place if we just could forgive move on and accept all for who they are.

I heard a story a war story how these people were in the trenches at war with each other yet something odd happened it became Christmas Day and for some odd reason each of the soldiers got out of the trenches from both sides.  They were enemies. Yet they shook hand wishing everyone there a Merry Christmas.  Then they got back to war.

Just think if you could some how resolve differnces and shake hands and avoid the world of gun shed.

Yet I just hope maybe this time of season we could set down our differnces be kind to one another and go in love and unity of our daily lives.

Ability To Succeed

Today I got a call from my local Virgin Mobile I have been talking to them regarding my payments.

To succeed in life and live well when a person has many disabilities is a very challenging at the most.


When I talk to people I ask questions and I try to get my answers.

Yet today I had all these phone numbers to contact you must contact this number yet the last call it was another number then I get all these balances that I am owing so again I kindly asked for a letter in the mail or a email. The reason I need this is the reason I ask for my kind of success in understanding numbers in a visual manner. If someone repeats numbers on the phone or says them or speIlls something to me.I Ask this to be in writing as this is how I can best process some of my basic needs in life.

Alot of people just do not relate as they simply think as it is secound nature to get a message on the phone with a number or recite numbers. Yet when I read or see these I can quickly understand this .

The ability to succeed in life when we have the ability to ask for help needs to be part of a process for many so they can truly be heard and understood to support and successful.




For years I have been on this quest of Authenticity a journey of a better quality of life for my family and me and a better way towards wellness.

Years back I tried to begin with a business I started to form to do events.Called Wellness4You the other day and for years I have continued to get a magazines to move forward hosting meetings events all in surronding my theme.

Again I took my path through the Authenticity process through the arts.

Then I began trying to formulate a company an Agency Productions Corporation Authenticity Agency Productions Corporation.

For two years I wanted to bring together an Agency and Productions Authentic Block Buster movies to our province a voice for many that do not have one.

Then again a failed company unintentionally had to shut the door.

Yet I see millions of views on my posts so I know what I have been working on is getting the hits.Yet somehow I have to do something Brighter Bolder Smarter.

Authenticity Eclectic is a mix of ingredients.We need to stir them and add the ingredients and cook them and tend to them lovingly.Just as our wellbeing and our investment into our families. Balancing it all and blending wellness and Authenticity to create simplicity within our lives is a must as life the world is so chaotic.

Authenticity and wellbeing is a journey I hope you will take this ride and come with me.